and each member belongs to all the others.

As I read this passage I wonder what it means to belong to the all the others.  All of my life I have strived to be independent and self supporting, which for me comes from my desire not to be a burden on anyone.  At first glance, that concept doesn't look so bad, but I wonder if it is keeping me from seeing or experiencing something Christ has designed for me.

As I read the letter to the Corinthians, I learn that as individual we are designed by God to complete each other.  We are created to interconnect with each other so much that through our joined lives we reveal the one who created us.

Today let me not think of myself as my own but let me see myself as belonging to those who are around me so much that all of what I do creates a joining and interdependency that reveals Christ to all whom I meet. 

here is Sarah and Grandma Gracey holding Ezra 

sarah%2C ezra and grandma gracey