Changing the Face of China

jason Ministry

This year Faith Academy has been approached by Chinese C#rist followers in China who want their kids to grow up having a Christ centered education.   These people have chosen to follow C#rist in the midst of tremendous persecution and they are looking to prepare the next generation of Chinese C#rist follower.    They recognize that to be effective witnesses in the large cities their children need to speak English well and have a B*blically centered education.   It is cool to see G%d’s hand at work as different families, without any connection to each other, have come to FA directly and asked if their kids could attend school.

For Faith this means several challenges that we need to overcome:

  • A better developed ESL program, one that is able to accept students with no English knowledge at all
  • A boarding program that can support Chinese Students
  • A educational program that specifically prepares students to re-enter China as C#rist followers

With G%d’s grace, we will accept our first batch of students this upcoming school year.

Pray for FA that we can overcome these challenges and partner with G%d to change the face of China.