Do not conform any longer

Do not conform any longer

This is something that has always stumped me.  Not the "conform" part but the "any longer" part.

For me it has always been easy to not conform to the things of this world that are clearly not part of God's plan or will.  God's word is very clear on those kind of blatent issues that are so easily prevelent in our society today.  

What I have to deal with so much in my life is those kind of "any longer" kind of issues or those things that have krept into my life and haven't even noticed them.  This year being in a new environment I have been able to deal with some of those kind of issues again in my life.  It is amazing the things that have been a part of your life for so long that they don't really need to be there any more.  Things like the television or maybe even that computer (I can't believe I just said this…). 

The changes in the scenery of my life have really encouraged me to to reevaluate who I am and let me make some changes in things that I otherwise might not have noticed.

Here I am feeling very paternal with my son on my chest…