if it is teaching, let him teach;

Being back in the states for a little while now I am starting to notice a disturbing pattern.  Seeing how some people interact in the states I wonder what it mean's to be christian in our world today.  So many people claim to be christians, from the winners of the Emmeys, to people with christian bumper stickers, and all of those people with christian t-shirts.

What in the world are we communicating to the people around us if they know we are christians because of what is on our car, or on our shirt, or what we say in front of people on tv.  What are we teaching to following generation of believers by espousing this kind of christianity.  Christianity in public America seems to be stuck on focusing what is on the outside, thus there is this annoying brand of quasi christianity floating around these days.

Let us not forget the teachings of the one we seek to follow every day of our lives "they will know us by our love" not our t-shirts.

I thought these t-shirts were a little wierd… 


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