Jason’s Summer Projects

jason Ministry

School down time turns out to be some of Jason’s most critical times of the year.  Over the breaks, Jason gets to work behind the scenes to make sure when school starts again everything is ready to go.  This summer we checked over all rigging system in Cadd theater, cleaned a bunch of lighting fixtures and checked over a number of other systems to make sure everything is still functioning well.  Also over the summer, I also got the chance to update the operating system on the school web server as well as the online store.  It is work that if I do well no one will ever notice but I am proud to carry the responsibility that God has given me.

Also the over the summer months, Jason has been able to partner with our Philippine church to help them through the process of upgrading their sound system.  Jason has been told several times that it is nice to have an insider to help ask and answer questions and help interpret what the various consultants are recommending.  Actually the church took delivery of its equipment last week and now in the process of installing everything, everyone is very exciting.  The church worship team has already asked jason to help mentor the tech team and help train them moving forward.  It is so cool to be able to use your skills for the kingdom!

Jason working at a computer is never a good picture so here is Jason’s Stagecraft class learning how to bring down an unbalanced batten with a bull line!