Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church

This I(Jason) had the privilege to partner with a local church as they celebrate 11 years of ministry.    They chose to celebrate their anniversary with an evangelistic outreach service.  This was a full event with many acts.  There was drama, singing, dancing, several music groups closed with a time of preaching.

They invited their friends and family to come and see a great service pointing them to God.  They were expecting about 600 people to show up to the event but by the time everyone arrived there was about 1300 people showed up to sit in our 900 seat auditorium.  Thus a children’s program (go play on the playground) was born.  It was a chaotic but our God is bigger then that and we saw him move in the hearts of those in the audience.

One of the young ladies actually wrote a short drama depicting different people who think that they did not need God but found themselves in eternity before they expected.  About 600 people made professions of faith that evening.

All in all it made for a busy weekend but it was a great chance to partner with a local church and see His hand at work through our hands.