Our Hannah Story….

jason Ministry

It was thursday morning that I got the worst phone call ever. Hannah (mike and carol’s oldest daughter) and her Grandfather Dave were out fishing on the nearby river wednesday afternoon and didn’t come home. Earlier that morning they had found the boat on a small island. It made my heart drop the moment I heard those words. I immediately began to pray. Sarah came back to the house and I told her the news. She began crying and calling out to God. What makes this new especially hard for Mike and Carol is that they lost their first child a couple days after he was born. Throughout thursday we waited for news. We didn’t hear anything. That evening we left Des Moines, heading back to Chicago. We got to chicago around ten that night and still hadn’t heard anything. The next morning we drove down to the grandparents home in Momence IL. I praying that the two of them were ok, but I was beginning to prepare my heart and mind to find them dead. When we arrived at their home we heard that they had found Grandpa Dave dead in the river, just a couple minutes earlier. Our hope that Hannah was still alive dwindled to just a thread. Mike and I and a couple of other guys were preparing to go out and look for Hannah, when we received another call. Hannah had walked out of the woods to the search and rescue staging area. She was with out clothes and all scratched up but doing well. We all hopped in the cars and practically flew over to the staging area. Hannah, who was just five years old, had survived 3 days and 2 nights in the woods alone, with the help of God.

She was taken to the hospital, but everything thing turned out well and she was released later that day. Then the media came… All of the major Chicago-land tv stations and newspapers were there. Mike and Carol definitely used the opportunity to show how God had provided for them and hannah throughout the whole situation. In one way the media was great because I (jason) got to spend a lot of time with hannah in the hospital while mom and dad were talking to the media and family.

At the end of the day we went back to chicago and the next day we came back to Des Moines. What a long tiring week, but surely God was with us. We have heard of one salvation in our congregation from this event and many more of our neighbors have heard the gospel because of what has happened.

hear Pastor Mike share his story about what happened with Hannah and his father from the “church website”:http://web.mac.com/klamman1/iWeb/nhcc2/Sermons/296F54C0-4F6F-44DC-8ADC-7DD9A8954D68.html