Our Ministry

Our Mission is to be Bridge Builders

We are a part of the Gospel bridge that Christ is using to change Asia

  • Serving at Faith Academy we partner with missionaries from over 100 denominations who serve in the Philippines as Bible translators, church planters and pastors and are changing the face of SE Asia with the gospel of Christ. These missionaries tell us again and again how they could not do what they do if there was not some to teach and love their children like we do. We are so excited to see how God us using our gifts to change Asia.

We train missionary kids to see themselves as a Bridge for the Gospel of Christ

  • The life of a missionary kid is full of transition.  They will shift cultures, languages, friends many times throughout their lives.  All this upheaval can cause devastating issues, but we believe that this upheaval can be used of God to make these students bridge builders who will take the Gospel to all parts of this world.  Sarah and I seek to be God’s hands in these students lives so they can become who God has called them to be, bridge builders – carrying the Gospel to all walks of life.  Read about Aynagul’s Story of her experience at Faith Academy and how God changed her life!

[prompt type=”right” title=”Aynagul’s Experience” message=”Read about Aynagul’s Story of her experience at Faith Academy and how God changed her life!” button_text=”Anagul’s Story” button_icon=”arrow-right” circle=”true” href=”http://www.jasonsarahquick.com/aynagul-druckenmiller/”]

We help local churches and ministries to be a Bridge for Christ to the community

[prompt type=”left” title=”Lighthouse’s OutReach” message=”Read about Lighthouse Bible Baptist’s 11 anniversary celebration in the Cadd Theater.  It was amazing to see God moving that day!” button_text=”11th Anniversary Outreach ” button_icon=”arrow-right” circle=”true” href=”http://www.jasonsarahquick.com/lighthouse-bible-baptist-church/”]

Our family is a bridge for new missionaries as they come to the Philippines

[prompt type=”right” title=”Dorothy’s Thoughts” message=”Read Dorothy’s letter as she talks about what FA meant to her and some of the struggles missionaries face educating their kids.” button_text=”Dorothy’s Letter” button_icon=”arrow-right” circle=”true” href=”http://www.jasonsarahquick.com/dorthy-laws-letter/”]