Ezra turns 7!

jason Family

Seven, already! My goodness it seems just like yesterday when he was coming home from the hospital. Now we are building with legos, kicking soccer balls, and reading starwars books. We praise God for the time that he has given us with Ezra and can’t wait to see what God will do with Him in the future.

Ezra enjoyed his party at a trampoline park not too far from our house. We had a lot of fun!


A Week With Bryan

jason Ministry

The week of the play we got to share our house with a student from Faith, Bryan. Bryan wanted to be on tech for the play which means a lot of late night rehearsals, but unfortunately he lives 2 hours away. With travel means it would be some really late nights for Bryan. To help out we let him stay with us during the week of the play. Bryan is on his own most of the time and so he really enjoyed staying with our family and spending a little time with Ezra and Tirzah. Bryan and I (jason) had several great late night conversations about what following Christ looks like in his context. He is an amazing guy and God is going to do some great things with his life.

Sarah and I have talked about opening up our house to some boarding students next year so this is the first time to see what that might be like. Pray for us as we ask God for direction in this area as we think about next year.


jason Ministry

3 months of hard work has paid off! Last weekend the Fine Arts Department presented Suessical and the students did a fantastic job. I was especially proud of my techies as they had about 2 1/2 weeks to learn the show and master the gear they were using. There was a special challenge for the sound board team this year as we got new a sound board for the theater, but they rose to the challenge and did a great job. It is exciting to put a challenge before the students and see them rise to the occasion.

With a live student orchestra, and a large cast there were a lot of moving parts to work out but everyone came together. We even got to share the show with about 350 kids from nearby orphanages. It was a great week to spend extra time with students and see them succeed! We praise God for the gifts he has given us and the chance to use them in his service.

Voices From Around the World

jason Ministry

This year Faith had the chance to host the ACSC Honor Choir festival. We hosted 5 other schools from all over SE Asia and had Kids from all over Asia. The kids were hosted by Faith families and gave us a great chance to share life and celebrate the commonality we have in Christ. It is awesome to see students come together from completely different backgrounds and work hard to sing and celebrate our savior.

Easter Egg Hunt

jason Family

Easter Fun out with Friends looking for some colored eggs!

Nothing like some fun around the long holiday weekend. A good time outdoors chasing eggs was a lot of fun for the kids…

Ezra Passed His CT Scan

jason Family

When we checked in with Ezra’s cardiologist he was still quite surprised that we had not seen any side effects from his surgery at birth. He asked that we schedule a CT scan for Ezra to make sure that things were are going well. So we made the appointment and got Ezra’s heart and neck scanned and everything came back great. He was a little woozy after the anesthesia but the doctor said that everything was great and there was nothing to be worried about. We know God is doing great things in Ezra’s life, and this is just another sign of that.