International week in the Elementary

Sarah Quick Ministry

This week is international week in the elementary. They celebrate all of the different countries that the kids come from. Each grade has a different continent. Sarah’s class has North America. So they are studying Canada, USA and Mexico. Yesterday the parents brought food from those countries for lunch. Here is a picture from monday’s opening parade. (Each student walks behind the flag of their home country)


One Quarter Down

Sarah Quick Ministry

We just finished parent teacher conferences! What an amazing time to get to know more about my students. It was a great time of encouragement. We have been totally busy with lots of school activities; watching volleyball & soccor games, chaperoning the Sadie’s Banquet, and supervising student led worship teams. We are enjoying every minute of it, though we are always busy.

I have been thinking and praying about helping coach the girls rugby team, and today let the head coach know that I will help as much as I can. The season goes from November to the end of January, so it will keep me busy but will be worth the investment building relationships with the girls! We are enjoying being here, we are missing our friends and families but keeping busy helps us not dwell on that.

Continue to pray for us in balancing our busy school lives with our fun social and personal time, that the connections with the students will grow deeper, that we make wise decisions with all of our business, and that I will be creative in my teaching. It is hard, lots of work, but well worth the energy, it is just LOTS of energy to be creative in my classroom. Thanks for the prayers!

Off to the movies…

jason Ministry

Sarah and I ventured out to go see a movie this afternoon. Going to the movies here is different then in the USA. First of all the movies theaters are in the mall, not to different. But here they are just like another store. You buy your tickets some where in the mall and then you go to your theater some where else in the mall. Going into the theater is just like going into another store. A person takes the ticket at the door and you are checked out by security and you go into the theater. Another cool thing is that you can take mall food into the theater and not just popcorn and soda. We saw some one take a pizza in to a movie. The best thing is that the tickets were 130 pesos each and popcorn and a soda is 120 pesos. So we went and saw a movie for 380 pesos or 8.50 US. That is cool and by the the Simpsons was hilarious!!!

Our First Church Experience….

jason Ministry

Another great day in the Philippines! We got to go to church with Frank and Rosa Perdue. They attend Greenville Christian Center North, which is a church plant from the main GCC. The service was in English and the worship was really good. Everyone was very friendly. The service is on the top floor of an office building about 7 stories tall.

After the service we got to hear about a short term missions trip that a member just got back from. The trip went to nepal and used the book, Purpose Driven Life, to share Christ with the local people. It was his first short term so it was exciting to hear what God has been doing in his life over the time on the trip.

In the afternoon, we ventured a little farther from the guest house and went to another mall. It doesn’t sound hard but it was a farther walk. We were able to find a map of the city and the next book I need in the harry potter series. The mall was so full it was crazy! It seemed like a holiday shopping season there was so many people there.

Our internet is working now so I will try and upload some pics tonight.