A day of Lines & Learning

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We started our day with the “breakfast bell” ringing. After breakfast we figured out how to call our parents, so that was really nice! Then we went to the bank, and waited. But they have to get a special I.D. number to process ANY information to set up accounts. So we are waiting to set up an account. We than went to the office and were told, “go to the mall, eat some lunch, and when you are there you need to get some id photos taken, it should take an hour.” So we walked down the street, walked over a huge bridge and went to the mall- look mom, all by ourselves! We got the pictures we needed & than went to Jollibee for lunch. I had fried chicken and rice, but Jason had chicken and spaghetti! We enjoyed our time just looking around and trying to say “Sa la mat” (thank you). We were than taken to go get our Filipino Drivers License! We get to the building than an offical from the drivers place took us to get our “physical”- a drug test & eye exam! A little different than the U.S. but it usually takes a good half a day to get the license BUT we got in about 2 hours. Just pay a little peso and you get stuff! We are having a great time!
A few things we have learned, just today:
-Sarah weighs 69kg and is 165cm tall

-Jason weighs 105kg and is 172cm tall

-Sarah does not like when Tee Pee is not in the bathroom, she now will carry klenex at ALL TIMES!

-We can eat lunch, both of us with drinks included but not up-sized, for about $4USD (remember what we both got?)

-merienda is a VERY GOOD THING (it means snack!), and corn on the cob is not eaten at meals but only as merienda.

-texting on your cell phone is much better than the phone call.

-ShoeMart is on just about every corner, Shoe mart is a big, big mall, much bigger than any mall in the U.S. well maybe just as big if not bigger than the Mall of America. You will see them here like you see Starbuck’s in Chicago!

Chasing the Night!

jason Ministry

On our long flight to Taipei, I kept asking Jason if it was light outside yet, the answer was ALWAYS, no! It was dark for more than 12 hours, we really felt like we were chasing the night! And after about 34 hours of traveling & kinda settling in, we finally got some well deserved rest!
We got to Manila with absolutely no problems at all. Hopped into the car with our new friends Jim & Linda Davis (WorldVenture reps). They took us to Faith and gave us the grand tour! I finally got to see my cute classroom with a cute little reading corner, outside one of the windows is the new aquatic center and out the other window is a very cute courtyard with a gazebo! I am very happy to see it, oh but the real benefit of my classroom is that it is very close to Jason’s HUGE office, Just down the hall. We had lunch at Faith and than a merienda on our way back to the house. You will see from the pictures what I mean by merienda! We got back to the guest house and than walked to the mall. We just had to get a SIM card for a cell phone. We are just barrowing a phone for now but we had to get a SIM card so we could text those that are helping us out this weekend. Ate dinner at 6pm and by 7:30 we finally got the deserved rest! Like I said before with about 34 hours before we really stopped from our traveling!
The oddest thing for us to get used to is the house help, leave your plate and mess behind! The ladies will clean it, just leave it alone and if you start to help it is as if you have offended them! God has been so amazing to us!

We Got Our Plane Tickets!!!

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We ordered our plane tickets. It is really happening! I can’t wait!

*here is our schedule:*
_Tuesday, July 24, 2007_
American Airlines # 1673
Chicago O’Hare International (ORD) to San Francisco International (SFO)
Departure (ORD): July 24, 8:25 PM CDT (evening)
Arrival (SFO): July 24, 10:50 PM PDT (evening)
Class: Economy

_Wednesday, July 25, 2007_
China Airlines # 3
San Francisco International (SFO) to Taipei Taoyuan Airport (TPE)
Departure (SFO): July 25, 1:35 AM PDT (morning)
Arrival (TPE): July 26, 5:30 AM CST (morning)
Class: Economy

_Thursday, July 26, 2007_
China Airlines # 631
Taipei Taoyuan Airport (TPE) to Manila Ninoy Aquino Intl (MNL)
Departure (TPE): July 26, 7:55 AM CST (morning)
Arrival (MNL): July 26, 9:55 AM PHT (morning)

Connecting with an old friend…

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Today we got to hang out with Andy and Katie. Andy was a grooms men at our wedding. He is going to the University of Iowa and is probably going to end up serving as a missionary in China. Thursday he and his wife is leading a missions trip to Cashmere (its in India).

It was great to catch up and to hear what is going on in their lives. It is times like this that I wish I had more time to hang out with them.

Our Hannah Story….

jason Ministry

It was thursday morning that I got the worst phone call ever. Hannah (mike and carol’s oldest daughter) and her Grandfather Dave were out fishing on the nearby river wednesday afternoon and didn’t come home. Earlier that morning they had found the boat on a small island. It made my heart drop the moment I heard those words. I immediately began to pray. Sarah came back to the house and I told her the news. She began crying and calling out to God. What makes this new especially hard for Mike and Carol is that they lost their first child a couple days after he was born. Throughout thursday we waited for news. We didn’t hear anything. That evening we left Des Moines, heading back to Chicago. We got to chicago around ten that night and still hadn’t heard anything. The next morning we drove down to the grandparents home in Momence IL. I praying that the two of them were ok, but I was beginning to prepare my heart and mind to find them dead. When we arrived at their home we heard that they had found Grandpa Dave dead in the river, just a couple minutes earlier. Our hope that Hannah was still alive dwindled to just a thread. Mike and I and a couple of other guys were preparing to go out and look for Hannah, when we received another call. Hannah had walked out of the woods to the search and rescue staging area. She was with out clothes and all scratched up but doing well. We all hopped in the cars and practically flew over to the staging area. Hannah, who was just five years old, had survived 3 days and 2 nights in the woods alone, with the help of God.

She was taken to the hospital, but everything thing turned out well and she was released later that day. Then the media came… All of the major Chicago-land tv stations and newspapers were there. Mike and Carol definitely used the opportunity to show how God had provided for them and hannah throughout the whole situation. In one way the media was great because I (jason) got to spend a lot of time with hannah in the hospital while mom and dad were talking to the media and family.

At the end of the day we went back to chicago and the next day we came back to Des Moines. What a long tiring week, but surely God was with us. We have heard of one salvation in our congregation from this event and many more of our neighbors have heard the gospel because of what has happened.

hear Pastor Mike share his story about what happened with Hannah and his father from the “church website”:http://web.mac.com/klamman1/iWeb/nhcc2/Sermons/296F54C0-4F6F-44DC-8ADC-7DD9A8954D68.html

Wedding Pictures

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I know it has been a while but hear they are. Here are the Pictures from my sisters wedding and our time in Arizona enjoy!


Download my pictures for yourself:

“family pics.zip (download the pictures for yourself)”:http://jasonsarahquick.com/file_download/2

_you will need a high-speed internet connection because the file is 75mb_