Sarah’s Summer Day Camp

jason Ministry

Over the summer Sarah decided to exercise her teacher muscles by running a day camp for 16 kids.  She and another Faith Teacher along with a few high school & middle students had a great time working with the kids.  Together they ran 5 stations for the kids: science, math, reading, crafts, and games.  Each week Sarah came up with a clever theme for all the activities like balloons and balls, space, beach fun and many other fun ideas.

All in all it was a lot of work for Sarah but she really enjoyed putting her teacher hat on and working with the other ladies to work with the kids. Relieving other mothers for a few hours in the week was one goal Sarah had in doing this summer camp. Each parent was super grateful for the moments of rest, one even napped on the sofa during camp!  Challenging our kids academically over the summer was the cherry on the top for Sarah.

Thanks for Praying and Partnering with us! ~ Quicks