The Quick Family is Growing!

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First off, we are not pregnant! (Isn’t that an attention grabbing title though!)  Instead we are boarding a Faith student with us over the school year, his name is Bryan.   His family lives far enough away that it takes him about 1.5 hours to travel to school, but since they are still in Manila he does not qualify for boarding.  Bryan is an amazing kid who will graduate high school in 2017 at the age of 16.  This year he is planning on taking 11 or 12 AP tests this spring and about half of them are new subjects that he is learning this year.  He is hoping to go to the London School of Economics next year and eventually lead his family business.  Last year he connected with Jason by volunteering to help out with the spring musical and since then he become fast friends with the Quick family.

Sarah and I see the amazing potential that God has given Bryan and we are excited to share our life and faith with him as he lives in our house over this school year.  The kids love him and he loves to talk with me (jason) over almost any topic, so we are praying and asking God to use us to draw Bryan closer to Himself.  We have no doubt that Bryan will be an influencer  in the future and we are praying that God will use him to change the world.