To Thailand and Back

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Over our October break this school year, we were able to go to Thailand and join other WV Asia staff for a conference.  We had the quite the adventure, got to meet new people, eat new food and have some new experiences.

The overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai 

So we decided to be adventurous and we took the overnight train.  It was good, I was not sure if the kids were going to sleep but after a long day of traveling it was not hard to convince them to sleep.   I (jason) was not sure that I was going to sleep but the rocking of the cars and a blindfold did me in.  Next morning we woke up to beautiful countryside and a fun video call from my sister.  Who knew that thailand had high speed internet in the middle of nowhere.

Conference Truths

It was great to hear about other peoples ministries and join with them in prayer for the people and the challenges of their communities.  I (jason) was encouraged by several missionaries as they shared their struggles.  It is freeing to see other m’s struggle and be willing to share those struggles.  God continues to be faithful and walks with us in their struggles.

Riding the Elephants

For the kids, the highlight of the trip was riding the elephants.  The elephant sanctuary was a pretty cool place and we got to see a part of the elephant show as well.  It was amazing to see how well the elephants and their riders and all the cool things they could do together.

Night Market

The highlight for sarah and I was to realize that we had one of our babysitters on the trip with us and so we asked hannah to babysit for us so we could go to the night market together.  It was a lot of fun walking around with sarah and looking at all the different booths and listening to the live music.  It was a good date night, in the middle of the week.

All in all while being very busy it was a good week and God used it to encourage our family as we get ready to jump into quarter 2 at Faith